Discipline of Audiology

Goals and Core Values

  • To promote access to learning that will provide educational and employment opportunities for all South Africans and particularly for South Africans from historically disadvantaged backgrounds, thus supporting transformation and redress.
  • To create  learning environments that will expose all students to the real and various contexts  within which they will ultimately practice
  • To promote and foster respect within our students for the abilities, capabilities  and potential of the people with various disabilities that they will come to serve
  • To foster independent and critical thinking and reasoning amongst our students in order for them to adequately advocate for those they are to serve
  • To promote and foster tolerance and respect for multilingualism, diverse cultures and religions and diverse social values.
  • To promote and instill  an awareness of and respect for sound ethical practice and social responsibility in a complex and diverse society
  • To create graduates who are able to provide a sensitive , effective and person-centered service in their various areas of expertise in communication and human occupation.
  • To create graduates who are specifically tuned to the unique health needs of the Southern African context as it applies to their various areas of expertise.
  • To train students to become advocates and agents for the correct implementation of health policy and legislation


  • To pursue under and post graduate research which is appropriate and essential  to advancing/promoting  the capacity of the discipline in serving clients
  • To promote the development of post graduate research programmes that provide the necessary expertise to meet specific health needs with the national and global arena