Discipline of Audiology

Mission and Vision


To be a leader in Audiology scholarship in the region and in the greater African continent.



To become a dynamic and socially responsible training, service and research facility that provides programmes that are internationally competitive whilst being relevant to the South African context, and which prepares students for excellence in audiology practice.

To train hearing health care professionals in the field of Audiology, this is a scarce skills profession in South Africa.  To produce Audiologists who are equipped with an understanding, theoretical background and clinical expertise to provide basic and advanced audiological assessment and management to a diverse, multi-lingual multi-cultural populations in different contexts within a multidisciplinary team. Internationally, Audiology is a growing profession; thus resulting in an increased number of undergraduate applications received over the past years.


The demand for audiological services is rapidly increasing (Stephen, 2013) due to the increased disease burden as well as an aging population requiring audiological management. This is further demonstrated by the increasing number of Audiologists employed by the Department of Health, as stipulated in the Human Resources for Health Strategy 2012/2013-2016/2017 (Department of Health, 2011). With the advancement in technology, together with advancement in research, the scope of practice for audiologists has expanded and includes assessment and management of hearing and hearing related disorders.  Furthermore this is the only university on the eastern seaboard offering this degree.