Dr Jessica Paken





Dr Jessica Paken


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Research Interests

Ototoxicity (HIV/AIDS, TB and cancer), Electrophysiology, Hearing aids, Diagnostic audiology, Impact of hearing loss on quality of life



List of Publications

·         Govender, N.G., Maistry, N., Soomar, N. & Paken, J. (2014) Hearing loss within a marriage: perceptions of the spouse with normal hearing, South African Family Practice, 56:1, 50-56, DOI: 10.1080/20786204.2014.10844583

·         Govender M., & Paken J. (2015). Practices employed by audiologists in the management of adult patients with multi-drug resistant tuberculosis in South Africa. South African Family Practice Journal, 57 (6), p. 363-372. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/20786190.2015.1085222

·         Appana, D., Joseph, L., Paken, J. (2016) An audiological profile of patients infected with multi- drug resistant tuberculosis at a district hospital in KwaZulu-Natal. South African Journal of Communication Disorders, 63. http://www.sajcd.org.za/index.php/sajcd/article/view/154.

·         Paken, J., Govender, C. D., Pillay, M. & Sewram, V. November 2016. Cisplatin- associated ototoxicity: a review for the health professional. Journal of Toxicology.

·         Paken, J., Govender, C. D., & Sewram, V. (2017). Research protocol: Research    protocol: Cisplatin-associated ototoxicity amongst patients receiving cancer chemotherapy and the feasibility of an audiological monitoring program. BMC Women’s Health, 17:129. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12905-017-0486-8.

·         Paken, J., Govender, C. D., Pillay, M. & Sewram, V. (2019). A review of Cisplatin-associated ototoxicity. Seminars in Hearing, 40 (02), p. 108- 121.

·         Paken, J, Govender, C. D., Pillay, M., Ayele, B. T. & Sewram, V. (2019). Cisplatin Associated Ototoxicity: Considerations for the Health Care Professional. In G. Colon: Ototoxicity: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment. Nova Science Publishers

·         Peter, V., Paken, J., & Joseph, L. (2020). An audiological profile of a cohort of school-aged children with HIV and AIDS attending an antiretroviral clinic in South Africa. South African Journal of Communication Disorders, 67(1), 9 pages. doi: https://doi.org/10.4102/sajcd.v67i1.651

·         Paken, J, Govender, C. D., Pillay, & Sewram, V. (2020). Perspectives and practices of ototoxicity monitoring.  South African Journal of Communication Disorders.

·         Paken, J, Govender, C. D., Pillay, Ayele, B. T., & Sewram, V. (2021). Baseline audiological profiling of South African females with cervical cancer: An important attribute for assessing cisplatin-associated ototoxicity. BMC Women’s Health (in press).