Discipline of Audiology

Service List

Service List

The following are our weekly services offered (for assessment and therapy) in both the Audiology Clinic 

(Clinics are only open during normal university academic days) 


  • Advanced Hearing Assessment for specific diagnosis (ABR) – (morning)


  • Hearing Assessment for the older child and adult – (morning)


  • Audio-therapy for children with hearing impairment – (afternoon)


  • Paediatric Clinic (babies 0-5years) Hearing Assessment – (morning)


  • Clinic for the assessment and fitting of hearing aids – (morning)
  • Hearing assessment for the older child and adult – (morning)
  • CAPD

For appointments, please phone Ms. Roshnie Naidoo on: (031) 260 7438/ 260 74800

Or e-mail: naidoor1@ukzn.ac.za

*(There is always limited space, so we would be appreciated if you call for a booking in advance)