Discipline of Audiology

Undergraduate Programmes

Bachelor of Audiology

CHS- AUD01 Selection for the Bachelor of Audiology

Candidates are eligible to apply for selections to register for the qualification of Bachelor of Audiology provided they have

  1. a) an NSC degree pass with English, Life Orientation level 4 and Mathematics 3 and Life Sciences or Physical Science at Level 3

(b)            30 points excluding Life Orientation

CHS – AUDO2 Curriculum for the Bachelor of Audiology

The curriculum for the qualification Bachelor of Audiology, comprising modules with a total credit point value of 512 credit points as approved by the Senate, shall extend over eight semesters of full-time study. All modules in the curriculum shall be compulsory.

CHS – AUDO3 Progression requirements

To maintain their good standing, and to avoid either warning for slow academic progress or exclusion from the University, students must maintain minimum rates of progression through their qualifications. Minimum rates of acceptable progression for this qualification are set out below:

CHS – AUDO4 Attendance

Attendance to all practical and clinical modules are compulsory.

Number Semesters


Min. Progression


“At Risk” threshold

(75% of Maximum)

Normal progression

CHS – AUDO5 Statutory Body Requirement

No student shall be allowed to graduate unless 400 hours of clinical work has been completed.

Curriculum for Bachelor of Audiology – (B-AUDI)
CodeName of ModuleCreditsSem
Level 1
ANAT115Introduction to Anatomy & Neuroanatomy161
CPSL143Introduction to Human Communication Sciences161
CPSL142Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics161
HPHS111Basic Human Physiology161
CPAU141Introduction to Audiology and Assessment162
CPSL141Introduction to Developmental Communication Disorders162
PSYC102Introduction to Psychology B162
Choose ONE of the following isiZulu Modules:
ZULN101Basic isiZulu languages Studies A161
ZULM105Academic Writing161
ZULN101 (non-Zulu speaking students) ZULM105 (Zulu speaking students)
 Total credits: Level 1128 
CPAU251Clinical Practice: Audiological Assessment160
CPSL241Developmental Language Disorders161
CPAU244Paediatric Audiological Assessment162
CPSL251Clinical Practice: Speech Sound Disorders for Audiologists161
ANAT119Head and Neck162
CPAU243Augmentative and Alternative Communication and Deaf Culture161
BHME222Health and Illness Behaviour162
HLSC116Community Studies162
 Total credits: Level 2128 
CPAU341Rehabilitation Technology161
CPAU351Aural Rehabilitation161
CPAU345Clinical Practice: Paediatric Assessment161
HLSC241Clinical management of communication related disorders 161
CPAU344Auditory Processing Disorders 162
CPAU352Electrophysiology : Early and Late Responses162
CPAU322Clinical Practice: Rehabilitation Technology16


HLSC340Applied research methodology162
 Total credits: Level 3128 
Level 4
CPAU444Vestibular assessment and management161
CPAU447Occupational Audiology161
CPAU461Clinical Practice: General and Advanced audiological assessment: 1160
CPAU462Clinical Practice: General and Advanced audiological assessment: 2161 and 2
CPAU418Clinical Practice: Aural rehabilitation32Year
CPAU400Research Practice32Year

Total credits: Level 3

Total credits for the degree